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Episode 84: How we’re fracking up the ocean

It’s the return of Beer Goggles Optional with Dave, Diego, Lisl, Emily, Ted, and Steven. On World Oceans Day, we discuss the top ten things that are killing our oceans. Diego shares a story about falsified science and the political impacts. Finally, Ted and Steven goes deep into fracking… well not that deep.

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Episode 36: Armed with Mammograms!

This week we cover the advent of a new 3D mammogram that can improve breast cancer detection. What’s more dangerous? An octopus arm or a KFC Doubledown? Our hosts discusses the way octopuses avoid tangling their arms and how a high fat diet can trigger allergies and auto-immune diseases.

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Episode 33: The Fault in our Tweets

Trisha, Emily, Greg, and David welcome Dr. Mahalia Miller to discuss her work on monitoring earthquakes using Twitter. Mahalia combines tweets with seismic data to provide better data for first responders and for traffic networks. The group also discusses a clinical test to rule them all (hint: it’s initials are NGS). And don’t miss an awesome new song by Trisha and Emily!