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Episode 123: Genomes and Metals and Viruses, Oh My!

This week, join Emily, Ted, Scott, and Diego as they peek behind the curtain about the genes you REALLY need to survive as a human, metals that melt, and how your immune system might use fossilized viruses to remember potential foes.

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Episode 103: A Conversation with Dr. Ian Crozier, Ebola Physician and Patient

This week, hosts Dr. Trisha, Tyler, Scott, and Diego talk immunology, ophthalmology, virology, and so much more with Ebola doctor and survivor Dr. Ian Crozier. Plus, they touch on a sensitive new advance in the technology of artificial skin.

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Episode 91: Too cool for malaria

Hosts Lisl, Emily, Ted, and Diego discuss the roll-out of the world’s first approved Malaria Vaccine, whether being cool in 7th grade is good for your long term prospects, and a crazy single celled sea creature that has a legit eyeball. You think those mosquitoes look docile? You have no idea