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Episode 107: The Dark (Matter) Side of Collaborations at Los Alamos

Chelsea, Scott, Diego, and Dave welcomes physicist Devon Powell to discuss how his research in Dark Matter led him to Los Alamos National Laboratory (6:16). Scott shares a Phun Physics Phact about Icecube (4:09) – not the rapper, Dave Diatribes against maternal mortality (38:27), and Chelsea competes against Devon on a new game show category (31:22)

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Episode 68: Toys are fun!

This week, Trisha, Kat, Greg, and Diego host an episode full of more laughing children than a McDonald’s playplace. We interview local Stanford Social and Developmental psychologist Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, who has been studying the development of altruism in children, then discuss squids who can change their own RNA.

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Episode 36: Armed with Mammograms!

This week we cover the advent of a new 3D mammogram that can improve breast cancer detection. What’s more dangerous? An octopus arm or a KFC Doubledown? Our hosts discusses the way octopuses avoid tangling their arms and how a high fat diet can trigger allergies and auto-immune diseases.

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Episode 32: Legos, Lectures, and Learning

What’s the best way to learn? This week, our hosts discusses the advantage of active learning versus lectures and the importance relationship between sleep and learning. Lisl, Diego, and Dave are joined by our new host Chelsea, a physicist who guides us through the mysterious dark matter. Plus, we unveil a new game show category: science limericks!