Episode 37: GO Add(a)gene!

Want to add a gene to your portfolio? It’s not on Amazon, but it is on Addgene, a non-profit that serves as a marketplace for custom DNA. We speak with Dr. Joanne Kamens, executive director at Addgene, about recombinant DNA, making shipments to Iraq, and the challenges of being a female scientist. We also cover the darkest material ever made, and a food-inspired real-or-fake game show round!

  1. Thanks Goggles Optional! We love what you’ve done to merge our logos and we really like the logos dressed in “genes/jeans” of course. Stay in touch and come visit if you are in Cambridge, MA.

  2. Thanks Addgenies! Thanks for a great interview, and we will definitely visit if we take a trip to the East Coast. 🙂

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