Episode 3: Pew pew! Spiderman immune cells, and next stop, Mars!

Alex, Trisha, Diego, and David discuss the benefits of sending a spaceship to Mars, why staph infections are so frisky, and the origins of man’s best friend. Plus, Alex tries to defend her Scientist of the Week title against Diego in our game show, and a special opera performance by Trisha!


The Neutrophil Song

Neutrophils Neutrophils
They shoot out webs made of DNA
Neutrophils Neutrophils
Trap pathogens and keep them at bay
Look out!
Here come the neutrophils

Staph areus Staph areus
Turns DNA into toxic thread
Staph arueus Staph areus
The macrophages are all dead
Look out! Here comes Staph areus

Opera Operation

to Bizet’s Habenera, from Carmen

If you have a heart transplant
And you need to recover very fast
Just listen to A Verdi song
You’ll find your transplant lasts three times as long

So when you choose your post-surgery tunes
Know that not anything you like will do
Yes, Mozart’s fine, but Verdi’s best
And Enya will leave you feeling distressed

Operation Opera
Live long

By what mysterious mechanism
Might this increased survival occur
Well If you look at the immune cells
You’ll find the T cells are regulatory

In fact they’re anti-inflammatory
Yes the T cells have become T regs

And if you can’t abide Bizet
We’ll you’re in luck there is another way
Transfer cells from an opera buff
They’ll tolerate your transplant, sure enough

They’re tolerant
Your immune cells ignore your heart transplant
They’re tolerant
Yes T regs they will not reject!