Episode 18: The Science Exchange

Goggles Optional dresses up to the nines this week in celebration of the Oscars! Join Dave, Diego, Lisl, and Trisha for a John Travolta-fied huzzah of the week’s most exciting science news. We interview the founder of Science Exchange, Dr. Elizabeth Iorns, on entrepreneurship, creating a global marketplace, and reproducibility in science. Do you wish that you could eat infinite amounts of ice cream, and have some protection against diabetes? Have no fear, because there might be a SNP for that!

John Travolta-ify Your Name



Let It Thaw!

The snow glows white in Siberia
Where many species now are lost
A kingdom of desolation,
Suspended in the permafrost.

There could be monsters buried in that snow white ice
Should we keep it in, maybe we should try

Who knows what’s there, from long ago
Kept concealed for 30 000 years
Hidden beneath the ice and snow,
Well, now we know

Let it thaw
Let it thaw
Let’s unfreeze the giant virus
Let it thaw
Let it thaw
Will it still be infectious
It’s been buried in Siberia
Look out amoebae
The cold preserved it for eternity