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Episode 79: Follow the light!

Dr. Rosanna Chau joins the Goggles Optional team to discusses why bacteria form a slip n’ slide in their quest for sunlight. We also uncover how your brain uses light to control your circadian rhythm.

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Episode 71: So Many Supernova!

What could be better than one supernova? More than one supernova! This week, the hosts discuss supernova lensing, and how RNA can kill pests. Is your epidermis feeling salty these days? Learn why mice’s salty skin helps protect them against infections.

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Episode 68: Toys are fun!

This week, Trisha, Kat, Greg, and Diego host an episode full of more laughing children than a McDonald’s playplace. We interview local Stanford Social and Developmental psychologist Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, who has been studying the development of altruism in children, then discuss squids who can change their own RNA.

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Episode 62: Drunk finches are the radio stars!

Diego, Trisha, Greg, and Chelsea kick off 2015 with some drinking music… but for the zebra finches. Discover why neurologists are so interested in hearing these birds sing drunk. Plus, we scope out the newest type of TVs that rely on quantum dots, and we cover how a group of scientists did something Einstein didn’t think was possible.

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Episode 61: Goggles Optional Highlights 2014

Happy New Year listeners! To celebrate the new year, we decided to run some of our favorite segments from 2014 including an interview with Dr. Mahalia Miller on monitoring earthquakes using Twitter, a recap of the Nobel Prizes for 2014, and an interview with Dr. Joe Rodgers on alert stem cells.

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Episode 56: Beer Gobbles Optional

Goggles Optional celebrates Turkey day with a special Beer Gobbles Optional! Join hosts Diego, Lisl, and Greg plus writers Ted, Kat, and Kosh as they have a free flowing discussion over tasty beverages. Topics include: how should you microwave your Thanksgiving leftovers, why bird migration is like college, how superconductors work, is science becoming open access, and why paper towels are superior to blow dryers.

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Episode 53: Finding people in DisPlace

How can physicists aid in humanitarian work? This week, we speak with Toly Rinberg and Andrew Bergman on their work to locate internally displaced people in the war torn country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our hosts also cover why small things are having a big impact on cancer research.

Special note: If you would like to donate to Toly and Andrew’s cause, please visit here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/displaced-populations-in-north-kivu-dr-congo

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Episode 38: Mosquito Eruption!

Get ready for our hottest episode ever! This week, we cover recent efforts to give volcanoes an ultrasound by using dynamite, a multi-versed explanation for the Big Bang through multiverse, and the best way to kill mosquitoes. And you definitely want to catch our hottest act: a group parody song of the Backstreet Boys!