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Episode 144: Neutrinos and superheroes!

Join Emily, Scott, and first time host Rupa as they explore the craziness of quantum mechanics through the eyes of neutrinos, and meet some superhero super-cells that can revive your dead brain cells. Also, listen to science rapper Axion’s fire debut about black holes!

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Episode 140: Seeing The Periodic Table Through Beer Goggles

This week, Lisl, Nora, and Chelsea celebrate with a special July 4th Beer Goggles episode. Learn how to make people see red, a more accurate representation of the history and practice of physics, and listen to Nora and Chelsea go head-to-head to determine once and for all what element is the most legit.

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Episode 129: Memories and the Moon

Join hosts Diego, Nora, and Chelsea as they discuss an under-appreciated isotope on the Moon, the discovery of a new branch in the tree of life, and how mice backup their memories.

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Episode 122: Goggles Optional Live!

Goggles Optional is thrilled to present our first podcast in front of a live audience! Trisha, Nora, Scott, and Dave discuss one of the brightest supernovas ever discovered. Then, we explain how brains are connected to other brain cells and potentially machines. Plus, we invite audience members to join us for our weekly game show and two science parody songs by the Shifty Paradigms!

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Episode 118: Taking a Byte out of Cancer

Dr. Carlos Araya joins the Goggles Team to discuss his strategy to make a cancer-finding algorithm that identifies the important mutation locations. Also, Emily discusses where HIV has been hiding.

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Episode 115: Got Bad Blood? Shake it off

Everyone has been or know someone who’s been through a tough breakup, but why do some people get through them better than others? This week, Trisha, Chelsea, Kat, and Diego welcomes Lauren Howe to explain the science of breakups. Plus, Chelsea explains why North Korea did not detonate a hydrogen bomb.